9 Easy tips to lose some weight in a very short time


If you want to lose those 2 kilos because your clothes do not fit you as they should, we recommend the following 9 tips for you so you can return to your ideal size quickly and feel comfortable and light as ever.

  1. Say goodbye to salads dressings, it does not work if your salad has tortilla chips, ranch dressing or mayonnaise. Use lemon, some vinegar if you like and a bit of salt.

 2. Write a diary of what you eat. Take control over the amount of food you eat and drink.

3. Park your car away from the entrances of your work, shopping mall, etc. Walk all you can on the day.

4. Avoid eating bread or pastas, but if you cannot resist the temptation, then settle down for fiber such as oats, cereal, and whole meal bread.

5. Avoid soda beverages and replace it with water. If you…

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