Nutritional strategies to maximise recovery following strenuous exercise

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When athletes take on significantly more training one thing that is often forgotten is the importance of increasing your calorific intake. This important particularly post exercise, when you want to replenish glycogen supplies and stimulate protein synthesis.

For those wanting to bulk up, it is also important to consider your food consumption to ensure you are creating a net energy surplus. In other cases it is the eating that is required to sustain you through the increased training regime.

Not considering diet could see you train off with lack of energy and lethargy.

Extract from the Australian Sports Commission

Summary points for the coach and athlete

  • A carbohydrate/protein snack provides an excellent combination of nutrients to optimise post-exercise muscle protein balance. Examples of suitable snacks include:
    – yoghurt and cereal bar or banana
    – sports bar (such as PowerBar Performance Bar)
    – liquid meal supplement (such as PowerBar Protein Plus…

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